Dead Rising 3 (2013)

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Welcome to Los Perdidos I’ve played all of the games in today’s series before but have never been nearly as into them as everyone else seemed to be.  And no, I’m not talking about the Grand Theft Auto series.  I think I’ve already written that review.  Though I’ve never…

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What Is Game Weiver?

Hey Everbody, Game weiver is a idea I recently started, my goal is to create video game related media and content that will bring value to gamers all over. The name is quite simple the weiver is a play on the word Weave which means to intertwine or connect, it also plays on the word […]

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Who am I ?

Hey everybody, My name is Michael Pierce, and I was born on September 17th 1991. I currently live in Strongsville Ohio, where I work full time aswell as run a small online business during my free time. My goal is to some day have a self sustainable business that allows me to work for myself […]

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