Three Reasons to Play Earthbound



So you want to break out that old SNES, but don’t know what game to play first? Here’s a few reasons Earthbound might just be the game for you.

3) the Beatles





I know what you’re thinking, and no I am not referring to those creepy crawlers we all hate seeing in our homes. I am talking about the highly regarded  rock band that formed in 1960.

What on earth does the Beatles have to do with an old Nintendo game? Well, for starters, the game includes several references to the band and their  music.Here are a few hints: yellow submarine, the song “Yesterday”, and pay close attention to the background music. yellow-submarine-earthbound



2) Break Time

Step outside for a few minutes





At one point in the game the player has no choice but to put the controller down. This notable moment takes place at Grapefruit Falls. Ness needs to get inside the factory placed behind the waterfall, but the only way to do so is to put the controller down for 3 minutes.

And yes, they mean business. If you touch that controller and move in any way, shape, or form you have to start all over. It is the perfect time to grab a snack, a drink, or just take a breather.



1) the Atmosphere



Earthbound plays out like a kid’s adventure movie. The main characters don’t fight like heroes from epic fantasy tales, they fight like kids who make use of their toys. Some of the weapons you will see are yo-yo’s, baseball bats, and bottle rockets.

This combined with the relaxing background music and laid back tone it is easy to get lost in the adventure. To top it all off, the scenes create a feeling that reminds you of those care-free days of being a kid


Bonus Video! One our favorite Earthbound songs



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