Top 5 Hardest Games From Our Childhood

5) Odd World Abe’s Oddysee

This game was a truly difficult games, it mixed side scrolling action gameplay with countless puzzles. The game was all about trial and error and it was very unforgiving. I never realized how little of the game I ever actually got through.

4) Contra

Many people have mastered this game, and I was not one of them. To this day I find this game extremely difficult and can barely get past the first few sections unscathed.

3) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Everyone loves the turtles, but none of us love this game. This game was impossible and the jumping/navigation controls were horrible. We would have loved a good ole beat em’ up, but they had to add side scrolling and platform aspects to the game. Bad choice…

2) Ninja Gaiden

“What were they thinking!” as James Rolfe would say

This game was actually amazing, but it featured some of the most difficult jumps and action packed stages around. At the end of the day this game is extremely difficult, but it’s a truly memorable game.

1) Friday The 13th

Boy oh boy did this game suck…. not only was it difficult, but it led you in one of the most infuriating wild goose chases ever.

If you love redundancy and the same music restarting over and over than this game is for you.

Finally when you find and confront Jason, you battle, and the he…. runs away….

Yes Jason Voorhees runs away..


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