The Top 5 Sega Genesis Exclusive Games

This is the list of my top 5 Sega Genesis exclusive games. A few of these were ported from the Genesis on to Game Gear, but I still consider them to be Sega exclusive.


5) Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Defiantly one of the most classic games on Sega Genesis, if Sega had one thing over the Nintendo brand it was Sonic. This game featured great new stages and music.


4) Shinobi 3

Of course all of the Shinobi games are iconic, but this game just blew it out of the water. Action, Action, Bosses, Kunai, Bosses, Action, need I say more.


3) Altered Beast

“Rise From Your Grave!”


2) Streets of Rage 2

Fist fighting, beat em’ up action.


1) Mutant League Hockey

A very rare game which has incredible value now, Mutant League Hockey is an amazing game. Unfortunately it was pretty rare and many people did not get to play it, it feature awesome brawls, traps, and graphics.


4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Sega Genesis Exclusive Games

  1. Funny I always preferred the original SOR for its more enjoyable music and the nice aesthetics, never really found much joy in SOR 2.

      1. I think it is the style of the music and graphics, I feel like the amount of detail they put in the original hit the perfect middle ground, not minimalist but not too much. Also, the music in the original felt more fun and happy, SOR2 felt like a drastic change in tone and I wasn’t bopping along to as many songs.

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