My Top 5 Favorite Consoles

These are my top 5 favorite gaming systems throughout the years.


5) Gameboy Color

When I was a teenager I spent countless hours on the gameboy playing Zelda Links Awakening, Pokemon Red and Yellow. My favorite part about Nintendo is that fact that continued to upgrade the Gameboy system for years and years, but they kept every single game cross compatible.


4) Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is the first console we had as kids, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Many people do not appreciate it and consider the NES to be a better system, but Sega had many great titles people forget about. Altered Beast, Earth Worm Jim, Sonic, Shinobi III,  Comix Zone, and Golden Axe just to name a few.


3) Nintendo Gamecube

Possibly one of the best and most underrated systems of all time, it was compact, durable, and had tons of awesome games to offer. For some reason I know a ton of people who never played the Gamecube. But it was a absolute must have for myself and my siblings, we spent hours upon hours playing Mario Kart Double Dash and TimeSplitters.


2) Sega Dreamcast

This system often falls under the radar because it had to compete directly with Play Station, and it had no chance. But in reality it was really a good system, and had many good titles. Who doesn’t love Crazy Taxi and Jet Grind Radio?

1) PlayStation 2

Easily the greatest console of all time, it currently holds the sales record with 155 million units sold and it has held the lead for 14 years. I still own a playstation 2 and love to go back and play great games like FFX, FFXII, Resident Evil, and Kingdom Hearts. Almost every person I know has owned a PlayStation 2 and for good reason, the console was ground breaking.


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